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 Alumina Based Ceramic Filter of Multi Channel
 Alumina based ceramic filter of multi channel is one kind of liquid solid separation and purity device centered by multi channel type ceramic membrane elements. It adopts surface and concentration filtration types. The liquid filtrated permeate outward through filtration element inside, under the washing of high speed liquid, filtration element surface is not easily forming filtration cake layer, so that keep the stability of filtration flow speed. 
 Apply Industries
 (1)Waste Water Treatment Industry
 Apply to the oiled waste water treatments for chloral alkali saline water refining, coking waste water of steel works, cold rolling emulsion waste water filtration, metal cleaning liquid etc. Also, used for the treatments of paper money printing, printing and dyeing waste water, powder detergent waste water. 
 Apply to the waste water recycling and treatment for grinding powder, titanium powder washing liquor, activator grains recycling, super fines powder washing liquor and super fines grains waste water etc.
 (2)Food and Fermentation Industries
 Apply to extract of Chinese traditional medicine liquid treatment, glutamic acid fermentation liquid degerming treatment, the abruption and refining of fermentation product. Apply to the recycle of de-color activated carbon and clarifying of glucose liquid refining product; the concentration and extract for fruit juice, drink and liquor; the degerming and impurities for sauce and vinegar etc.
 (3) Organisms and Pharmaceutical Industries
 Apply to the filtration and separation for organism chemistry industry and organism pharmaceutical industry, purification and refining of biological products; extract and clarify for the Chinese traditional medicine; the filtration and clarify of productive process for antibiotics, germ, medicinal liquor and health drinks; the filtration and separation for de-color activated carbon etc.
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